Traffic Zen

Together with the task force members of Taylor Run and Seminary Hills, we have developed a Facebook page to help us better record and share photos, video, posts or info links that could help us keep the city committed to our communities.

You can find the page here


To collect and share first person stories and experiences as well as useful information that promote lower traffic volume, less congestion and better traffic safety across the communities of Seminary Hill, Clover College Park, and Taylor Run.


Inform – promote awareness of current traffic volume, congestion and safety issues within and across our neighborhoods.

Collect – give neighbors a place to post (moderated) photos, video, stories, and relevant comments that document traffic and safety measures where we live.

Share – provide convenient notifications on relevant data and information links such as traffic studies from other communities who share similar challenges and make our site known to stakeholders who can impact our traffic volume and safety such as city officials and the media.

Amplify – give a “larger collective voice” to our neighborhoods so as to impact decisions leading to holistic solutions to our traffic volume, congestion and safety issues

Outcomes Desired

Improve traffic safety – safer streets for those who live or visit here

Reduce Traffic Volume and less congestion and cut through traffic

Better Systemic Traffic and Safety Solutions – improve our community life in partnership with city stakeholders

Let us know what you think.  Please use it wisely so we can capture the current situation as well as share useful info that can make us smarter and keep the pressure where it needs to be.


Post away.

Peter Turner