Snow Guidelines

Alexandria Has New Snow Rules

Alexandria City has brought in new rules this year covering the clearance of snow, sleet and ice.

As of last month the time allowed for shoveling snow off driveways will be graded according to the amount of snow that has fallen. If less than eight inches of snow falls property owners are obliged to clear their sidewalks and driveways within 24 hours of the snowfall. No snow can be shoveled into a city road. All shoveled snow must remain on the person’s property. In return the City guarantees to clear all roads within three days.

In the case of blizzard conditions or a snowfall of more than eight inches the time is extended to 48 hours. Roads will be cleared within five days.

In extreme circumstances, equivalent to a natural disaster whereby conditions outstrip City resources, the period of snow shoveling is extended to 72 hours. Roads will be cleared whenever possible. When the ice is impossible to clear, sidewalks should be covered with sand, gravel or ashes to make them safe to walk on.

If the owner fails to clear their property the City has the right to carry out the work and charge the property owner. Failure to comply with any of the deadlines will result in an automatic $50 fine.