Saturday, November 19, 2016

Reporting Crime – Courtesy Alexandria Police Department

The following information courtesy of the Taylor Run Civic Association :

CRIME (especially car break ins, other larceny, etc.)

If you see a property crime happening, CALL the non-emergency police line IMMEDIATELY! Save the number in your phone: 703.746.4444. The police department will send out officers to respond.

Remember: if you see something suspicious, like someone fiddling with car doors in the middle of the night, call!

If the crime has already happened (e.g. you wake up in the morning and someone has broken into your car overnight), the police encourage us to use telephone and online reporting. (Phone reporting via the non-emergency number 703-746-4444 and online reporting via the APD’s website. If you think it would make a difference to have someone come out in person, you can make that request and the police department will try to comply. Rest assured, even with online and phone reporting, there will still be a report and the city will follow up, but it’s a better use of city resources than sending an officer out after the fact (more on phone and online reporting below).
P.S. As a reminder, LOCK YOUR CARS! Most of the larcenies in our area are as a result of unlocked cars. Also, if you are going away for the holidays, stop your mail and ensure packages will be picked up by neighbors so as not to attract thieves.


Police cannot issue a ticket for a traffic violation they did not see according to the Virginia Code, so calling the police when you see egregious traffic violations is not the most effective way to report it. The best way for neighbors to act is to use the city’s CALL.CLICK.CONNECT service, which generates a report of the incident that’s routed through several city departments, which are required to respond. It’s the best way of documenting that these incidents happen regularly and that we need increased enforcement.

Call: 703.746.HELP

Click: Fill out an online report at Call.Click.Connect. 


Lost property
Option #1: Using the Alexandria Police Department Police Online Reporting System. By filing a report online, you will be given a temporary report number and notified by email of the permanent report number you may use for insurance purposes. You can access the online reporting form by visiting

Option #2: Calling Police Non-Emergency at 703.746.4444. If you call our non-emergency number, dispatchers will relay your name, contact number and summary of the crime to the Telephone Reporting Unit. You will be contacted within three business days to provide a report over the phone.

The Alexandria Police Department provides a system to report certain crimes and incidents online and by telephone, in order to increase the number of police officers available for community policing and emergency response.  Online reports do not automatically initiate an investigation or assign a police officer to the case, however each and every report is reviewed by an investigative supervisor. Individuals making reports may be contacted if additional investigation is needed.

This approach was recommended by a staffing study conducted for the Alexandria Police Department in 2016 by the International Association of Chiefs of Police.