Recommended Contractors

List of Contractors Recommended by CCPCA Residents

PLEASE NOTE: Neither CCPCA nor this website take any responsibility for any of these suggested contractors or their work. Updated February 25, 2014.

Appliance Repair

  • American Appliance Repair: 14329 Randall Dr, Woodbridge, VA, 703-492-2149,
    Recommended by Gage, 306 Princeton, “Refrigerator, etc.”
    Comments: Refrigerator, etc.
  • AA Repairs: Taz Sandhu, 202-431-3711 (cell), 800-631-4525 (office);
    Recommended by Paulette “PK” Johnson, 308 Skyhill Road, Alexandria, VA 22314, 703-212-0005 (Home), 703-798-2304 (Cell).
    Comments: A little hard to reach, but very reliable and very reasonable.


To request the list of local babysitters please contact Anne La Fond at anne_lafond(AT) This list will only be supplied on request for safety reasons.


  • Carver Contracting: Renovations and Additions, John Carver,, 202-439-3990.
    Recommended by Denise,
  • Gary Hutzell: 703-869-7869
    Recommended by Kostrich-Steiner, 410 Skyhill/ “Excellent work, reliable, great prices.”
  • Fred Kephart: Specializes in carpentry, kitchen remodeling and renovation, and non-porous finishes for concrete floors; 717-348-3873.
    Recommended by Ann Parham and Gary Olejniczak, 407 Cambridge Rd, 703-933-0737

Carpet & Furniture Cleaning

  • Remarkable Difference: John Triggs, Fairfax, VA 22030, 703-753-2722.
    Recommended by Gage, 306 Princeton,, “Excellent work, reliable, great prices”.

Carpet and Furniture Fabric Care

  • Fiber Seal:300 D Street SW, Washington, DC 20024, 202-646-0280.
    Recommended by Gage, 306 Princeton,, “Great!”

Carpet & Mattress Care

  • Mattress & Carpet Express, Sharum (Owner), Duke Street, Alexandria, VA 22314, 703-823-3888 or 4424.
    Recommended by Gage, 306 Princeton,, “Always helpful. Good work and fair prices.”

Chimney Sweeps

  • Johnson Chimney Service: Walter Kerr, 301-502-1717.
    Recommended by Deanne McNulty, 304 Yale Drive
  • NICTO Chimney Sweeps: Bromwell’s Fireplace Shop, 703-565-6274.
    Recommended by Don Schlitman
  • Rooftop Chimney Sweeps: 703-836-7858.
    Recommended by Paula & Brian Coupe

Construction & Additions

  • FSI Rennovations: Marc Leon, 404 Crown View Drive, 571-312-0691, 571-233-5130.
    Recommended by Lloyds, Crown View Drive, henalloyd(AT), “They were creative and careful where we needed them to be with our historic kitchen, taking down walls etc and thinking ahead to how we would practically use the space.”
  • Gary Hutzell: 703-869-7869.
    Recommended by Kostrich-Steiner, 410 Skyhill, “Excellent work, reliable, great prices.”
  • Burch Builders: Tim Burch, 540-905-0581.
    Recommended by Michelle/ 812 Vassar Road/
  • Stonework Phoenix Home Services: Clint Asmar,, Burke, VA, 703-868-0067,
    Recommended by Don Schlichtmann, 1201 Trinity Dr, “They did our front porch and they have done two other projects on Trinity, all with satisfied customers.”
  • Greener Side, Alexandria
    Recommended by Deirdre Knapp, 604 W Taylor Run Pkwy,, “They extended my flagstone patio. They did an excellent job.”


  • Becker Electric: 820 Gibbon #300, Alexandria, 703 683 5888
    Recommened by: Kostrich-Steiner/ 410 Skyhill Rd/
  • David Marlowe, 703 835 6616
    Recommended by: Liz Balmer,; Liz collected these neighborhood recommendations for electricians.
  • Larry Barrell (a handyman), 703 868 7475
    Recommended by: Liz Balmer,
  • Root Electric: 703 494 3989
    Recommended by: Andrew and Laura Veprek, 703-864-9765
  • Smart Electric: Randy McKeen, 703 914 0044
    Recommended by: Liz Balmer,
  • All American Electric: 703 953 7600;
    Recommended by: Liz Balmer,


  • Bradley-Turner Builders: Mark Bradley, 703-393-1146
    Recommended by: Maria/
  • Expert Fence: 703-751-3008
    Recommended by: Michelle/ 812 Vassar/ “Good price. Good service.”
  • NorthCraft Builders
    Recommended by: Liz Butler, 310 Cloverway, Per a recommendation from Jim Butler
    Comments: Very pleased with deck and re-screening a porch.
  • Lions Fence: Richard Leitch, P.O. Box 425, Clifton, VA 20124, 703.395.8962
    Recommended by: Gage – 306 Princeton,
    Comments: They came highly recommended via Consumer Checkbook and Yelp. Didn’t disappoint! Excellent, custom work at fair price.
  • Ace Deck and Fence: Ali Farzad, (703) 340-1412, Arlington, VA
    Recommended by: Andrew and Laura Veprek, 703-864-9765


  • Garrett Smith/ 410 998 9299
    Recommended by: Amy Leslie Olson/ 415 786 5738/ “Integrity, excellent skills, reasonable.”
  • John Pope/ 703 887 6573
    Recommended by: PK Johnson/ “Very good & very reasonable.”
  • Gary Hutzell/ 703 869 7869
    Recommended by: Leslie Kostrich/ 410 Skyhill Rd/ “Known for 20 years. Licensed and insured. We have always been happy with results. Competent & reliable. New construction, remodeling, baths, kitchens, carpentry, decks, door & window replacement and handyman services inc light plumb and electrical.”
  • An Construction/ 703-378-8989
    Recommended by: Sally Clary/ “Repaired and painted a couple of rooms and hung a flat panel TV.”
  • House Doctors/ Hugh Sutherland/ Lee Street, Alexandria
    Recommended by: Carson Lee Fifer, Jr/ Also on

Hardwood Floors

  • Salguero Flooring: Elizandro Salguero,, 571-437-6687
    Recommended by: Ann Tucker and Deanne McNulty. “World class hardwood expert! Highly recommend.” “Use Elizandro! Excellent!”
  • Personal Pride Floors: Damon Hinshaw, 703-799-8822
    Recommended by: Lisa Montague, 402 Cloverway, 703.409.9894. “They did an excellent job & I’m picky because I’m an interior designer.”


  • Michael & Sons: Recommended by: Matt Marcy/ 408 Cloverway/ “Great price, fast response and good service.”
  • Ace Air Conditioning & Heating:, Fairfax, VA, 703 691 0095
    Recommended by: Kostrich-Steiner/410 Skyhill, “Competitive prices, good service.”
  • Logan & Sons: Mark Logan, 14795 Build America Dr., Woodbridge, VA 22191, 703.490.3777
    Recommended by: Deanne McNulty,, 703.618 7243. “Love them.”
  • AA Repairs: Taz Sandhu, 202-431-3711 (cell), 800-631-4525 (office)
    Recommended by: Paulette “PK” Johnson, 308 Skyhill Road, Alexandria, VA 22314, 703-212-0005 (Home), 703-798-2304 (Cell). “A little hard to reach, but very reliable and very reasonable.”

Insulation, Energy Audits, and House Sealing

  • Home Energy Medics: Scott Donelson, 817 22nd Street South, Arlington, VA 22202, (703) 447-5379,
    Recommended by: Dave & Amira Reiss, 301 Cloverway Drive, “Helped tremendously with our leaky home. Far more than just insulation. Very flexible and worked with us to stay on budget. Great follow-up process to make sure we were happy, safe, and that everything promised was delivered.”


  • A-1 Irrigation: 703.583.8008; Recommended by: Lee Fifer, “Local & like them!”
  • Montgomery Irrigation: Jessup, MD; Recommended by: Liz Balmer & Anne Alexander

Lawn Service

  • Rosemont Landscaping and Lawncare: Sean Sutherland; 571-215-1275; Recommended by: Matthew Swindle
  • Danny’s Landscaping: Daniel Rodriguez, 6448 Second Street, Alexandria, VA 22312, 571-233-8267; Recommended by: Gage/ 306 Princeton/ “Years of great lawn cutting service. Fall clean up. Reasonable prices.”
  • Cutter Landscaping: Wade Cutter,, 1114 W. Taylor Run, Alexandria, VA 22302, 703-823-5156; Recommended by: Gage/ 306 Princeton/ “Very pleased with lawn fertilizing, new sod. Also does lawn cutting.”
  • Residential Lawn Maintenance: Sotha, 703-317-9339 or 571-334-8187; Recommended by: Nancy Pera/ “Very pleased. Years of great service.”


  • Peter T. Straub, 406 Cloverway, 703-820-3600 or 703-820-8602 (F),
  • Ansley Shackelford, 302 Cloverway, 703-402-7314,


  • Arcadian Painting: Ramone Salgado, 703-765-7899,
    Recommended by: Ann Tucker & Anne Alexander
  • Richard T. Winkler, Inc.: 600 Braxton Pl, Alexandria, VA 22314, 703 836 4432.
    Recommended by: Gage, 306 Princeton, “Extremely detailed, excellent work!”
  • BRO Painting: Bassy Ozuna, 703-763-6550.
    Recommended by: Michelle, 812 Vassar Road, “He has painted for us for years –a fantastic painter and great prices.”


  • Recker Plumbing/ 703 360 0099.
    Recommended by: Kostrich-Steiner/410 Skyhill/ “Very good work, solved problems that we had for years.”
  • Caffi Plumbing/ 703-524-4179.
    Recommended by: Michelle/ 812 Vassar Road/
  • Hollin Hall: 703-360-0048.
    Recommended by: Vanessa Burnett, 2802 Dartmouth (Repair work only. No remodels.)


  • Shiner Roofing; Recommended by: Kerrie Rushton
  • Master Roofing.
    Recommended by: Susan Montague-Reese/ 612 Clovercrest Dr
  • An Construction: 703-378-8989.
    Recommended by: Pete and Bev Bolton & Sally Clary
  • Atlas Roofing: Ed Hoeven (Owner),, 703-644-3047.
    Recommended by: Kathleen Kelleher, 209 Vassar Place, “Extraordinarily reliable and extremely HONEST. They are the top rated roofer in the area in Washington Checkbook and with good reason.”
  • Adams Roofing: Adam Falcona,, Cell 703-405-2011, Office 703 405 2011.
    Recommended by: Claudia Kalb, “Highly recommend.”

  • Prince Roofing: 14288 Patriarch Ct, Centreville, VA 20120; 703-631-1995.
    Recommended by: Leslie Kostrich, 410 Skyhill Road. “Honest and reliable, did a small job for us when others recommended major work, saved us a lot of money.

Telephone/ Television/ Cable/ Internet Support

  • Pete The Phone Guy: 703-658-9116.
    Recommended by: Jennifer Bingham, 406 Yale Drive, and Liz Balmer, 310 Cloverway,

Termite Control & Bugs

  • Contractor’s Termite Angie, Alexandria, VA, 703-799-8822.
    Recommended by: Gage/ 306 Princeton/
  • Brown Exterminating Kevin Schwab, 6801 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria 22306, 703 5196464 or 571-238-1982.
    Recommended by: Tony Rogers/ 1999 Dartmouth/
  • Connors.
    Recommended by: Carson Lee Fifer/

Tree Service

  • Northern Virginia Tree Experts: 25191 Willard Road, Chantilly, VA 20151, 703-471-7607;
    Recommended by: Gage, 306 Princeton,, “Licensed and insured. Great.”
  • Earlys Tree Care: Melissa Early, 540-428-2008 or 540-718-5221.
    Recommended by: Peggy Parker, 2805 Dartmouth. “Fantastic.”
  • Absolute Tree Inc: Ashley Davis, President; 703-969-6207;
    Recommended by: Gage/ 306 Princeton/


  • J.J.C. Construction: Jaime Rodriquez, Dale City, VA, 703-594-2612 or 703-899-8330.
    Recommended by: Gage, 306 Princeton, “Excellent work and prices.”
  •; Recommended by: Tony Fletcher/1105 Trinity/703.212.0744/ “Installed an interior drain around the perimeter of the foundation and have had no problems.”

Window Cleaning

  • Steve’s Window Cleaning: Steve Lewison, Alexandria, VA 22316, 703-799-2507.
    Recommended by: Gage, 306 Princeton, “Also power washing and gutter cleaning.”
  • Dominion Windows: 703-569-2000;
    Recommended by: Michelle, 812 Vassar Road

Window Installation & Repair

  • WindowsPlus: Annandale.
    Recommended by: Chris Tucker. “Very responsive.”
  • Hodges: Falls Church;
    Recommended by: Doug, 407 Cloverway. “Professional and fast; very good end result.”
  • The Window Man: (571) 224-5799, Hamilton Smith, 3000 Jefferson Davis Hwy., Alexandria, VA 22305,, (703) 978-9888.
    Recommended by: Dave & Amira Reiss, 301 Cloverway Drive, “Very friendly and went over and above what was expected. They worked with us for free to help get window problems fixed….can’t get better customer service than that!”


  • Computer Issues: John Bednar,, 703-346-0287.
    Recommended by: Paulette “PK” Johnson, 308 Skyhill Road, 703-212-0005 (Home), 703-798-2304 (Cell)